Newly Reported Phone Numbers & Comments

  • Terrell says:

    Bothering me and harassing me.. HARASSMENT CALLS

    706-340-0278 :: 7083400278
  • Randal says:

    True, especially wish there was a vaccination against idiots like you, that waste valuable screen space on these forums.

    641-340-0278 :: 6473400278
  • Theo says:

    The name I got was Noah Theobald

    808-340-0278 :: 8103400278
  • Renato says:

    it is someone saying they are a debt collector and they are trying to serve you papers

    351-139-0483 :: 3601390483
  • Romeo says:

    I was told that i would go to jail if i did not pay 500 dollars by a certain date. I GOT scammed.

    602-139-0483 :: 6041390483
  • Jefferey says:

    Called the last three nights around 8:00 p.m., rings three times, then disconnects.

    718-139-0483 :: 7201390483
  • Clemente says:

    Sports spam

    985-139-0483 :: 1390483
  • Jasper says:

    that same number on my caller id says "georgia" they never leave a message nor speak when i answer its like retarded prank calling. if they are trying to scam me outta money good luck have to have money to take

    312-139-0483 :: 3141390483
  • Rhett says:

    SCAM!!! Called claiming I was entitled to free government money. Avoid and if your number is on the do not call list turn them in!

    682-139-0483 :: 7021390483
  • Reynaldo says:

    I am so fed up with calls from WCA.

    619-875-0229 :: 6238750229
  • Damian says:

    They could very well calling from somewhere overseas because it is common for them to get their times mixed up.

    225-342-0245 :: 2283420245
  • Gerardo says:

    Long beach press telegram

    954-644-0432 :: 9706440432
  • Joe says:

    This number stalks me

    240-644-0432 :: 2426440432
  • Carmen says:

    received a call and no message

    267-644-0432 :: 2686440432
  • Ali says:

    keeps leaveing me rude messages

    868-644-0432 :: 8706440432
  • Eliseo says:

    dont be fooled=this is a scammer

    718-810-6074 :: 7208106074
  • Nolan says:

    Telemkt Spam

    908-810-6074 :: 9108106074
  • Maxwell says:

    A man called saying he got my number off the internet. He calll ed two times. He was creepy.

    518-810-6074 :: 5208106074
  • Howard says:

    Hes a RSO (Registered Sex Offender) & verbally abusive

    339-810-6074 :: 3458106074
  • Irvin says:

    CL Barter response, Hi...about the Barter ad on craigslist will you trade for this <pic-att>, PhotoID 492BTX, Plz let me know.

    347-486-0494 :: 3524860494
  • Randolph says:

    Robert i do not like

    858-486-0494 :: 8604860494
  • Elbert says:

    This number just called me and when I answered it hung up.

    786-486-0494 :: 8014860494
  • Abdul says:

    tries to have phone sex

    760-486-0494 :: 7654860494
  • Donovan says:

    Unknown number so I did not answer. Called me 3x so far today. Left no message. I did recently sign up for AARP supplemental, so perhaps it was them. But if it is a legitimate call, they should leave a message. Call was from "PA, USA"

    718-486-0494 :: 7204860494
  • Daron says:

    Bogus $100.00 walmart gift card if you sign up for travel services

    615-486-0494 :: 6174860494
  • Jerry says:

    Thy think thy so slick.bill collector calld frm a new number..please

    504-486-0494 :: 5064860494
  • Clement says:

    Got a message saying "hey amber johnson here, talked to you last week about lowering your current intrest rate" (ah no Amber you did not) stupid SPAM

    352-486-0494 :: 3614860494
  • Manual says:

    this number calls all the time asking for a wrong name. Today when I told then not to call again, a young man called me crazy. I think this kind of calling should be stopped.

    551-535-0903 :: 5615350903
  • Elroy says:

    Keep trying to sell me stuff. They call from multiple numbers...I have blocked them all.

    828-535-0903 :: 8315350903
  • Numbers says:

    received a call from this number except just days later is is disconnected!

    315-535-0903 :: 3175350903
  • Victor says:

    Said hello, after several seconds there was a beep then an automated voice saying goodbye.

    336-535-0903 :: 3395350903
  • Clarence says:

    this person is very rude and texted me about an acting job but i didnt know who they were and they kept asking me for my age and a picture of myself to place me at a job. but it seemed like a scam so i kept trying to tell yhem to leave me alone and quit being so rude.

    405-377-0939 :: 4073770939
  • Octavio says:

    I placed an ad on craigs list for speakers and recieved an email that said please call me in a respond to my ad name on email was Foulger Seymour

    860-862-0705 :: 8638620705
  • Floyd says:

    carnival cruise

    409-835-2814 :: 4128352814
  • Emil says:

    Text message: "Hey (phone number), not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But is giving away free e-cig trials. -Alex"

    403-854-0534 :: 4058540534
  • Landon says:

    crazy, stalker, possessive, bipolar, invades privacy, chic.

    202-567-0145 :: 2035670145
  • Burt says:

    Getting on my last nerve

    881-567-0145 :: 9015670145
  • Reggie says:

    I was disconnected upon answering. How do I block these fools?

    828-567-0145 :: 8315670145
  • Gus says:

    they will just hang up thats what they do to me. i just reported them to

    228-658-0475 :: 2296580475
  • Lou says:


    808-658-0475 :: 8106580475
  • Byron says:

    I have had several calls from this number. When I answer and say hello a couple of times, I get this recorded "good-bye" and a hang-up.

    289-658-0475 :: 3016580475
  • Wiley says:

    This is incorrect. Our carrier is New Cingular Wireless.

    917-658-0475 :: 9196580475
  • Stanton says:

    Trying to initiate phone sex.ewww

    828-216-0716 :: 8312160716
  • Anderson says:

    Debt collectors searching for previous phone number owner.

    856-806-0699 :: 8588060699